MINERD employees can withdraw their checks tomorrow this Saturday and Sunday

The Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Education (MINERD) continues to make direct payments to its administrative collaborators at headquarters.

Delia Stephanie Ubira, MINERD’s Managing Director, provided the information, saying the process would take place tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.

He said their salaries should still be levied for boys’ accommodation collaborators, pensioners and pensioners, Ana Josephina Martinez at the Fundacian Estancia Infante, the Fundacian Educatorian Asian College and the Focus Center for Adolescents and Youth Affairs. .

In addition, the Coordinating Division for the Disabled, the Education Program Division, the Coordinating Division for Especio de Esperanza and the Florian Towers Jr. Library.

Ubiera, Direct Payment 100% MINERD and its affiliates, Central Headquarters and Santo Domingo II, and Regional 15 Santo Domingo III, covering part of the Central Axis.

“This mechanism seeks to identify populations that are actively working at their designated levels, as well as accurate information on possible improvements in the system and human management. Similarly, correct potential errors in the system and strengthen general controls and procedures for this process,” he said.

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