Microsoft Translator has been updated on iOS with a new design

Microsoft has updated its app translator. Version 23.2.1 is now available for download App Store, and brings users a redesigned user interface and user experience improvements. As well as more linguistic compatibility and backend improvements.

Microsoft Translator is getting a facelift on iOS, will something AI-related be added soon?

The latest update doesn’t have any new features or integrate Bing’s powerful AI. Even so, The new user interface is a welcome change For remarkably dated usage. Especially compared to modern apps on iOS and other Microsoft products.

for now The new interface looks successful to us. Now it only remains to be seen if Microsoft updates or improves its translator with the technology Unlock the AI Or if it continues. We already know very good translators based on machine learning, and the Redmond company is taking a lot of time to integrate this technology.

Not only is the ability of a search engine interesting for web use, but it is also very interesting to use it in a package. Microsoft 365 And also to get better translations of some Windows 11 features. That is why the importance of having a sophisticated translator should not be underestimated.

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