Microsoft introduces a new feature in the authentication application

Microsoft Starting a new one Function In the authentication application. The application will access passwords on both iOS and Android.

Microsoft introduces a new feature in the authentication application

Microsoft has released a Update Important for authentication use. It provides the ability to fill in usernames and passwords automatically. It also brings the feature to iOS and Android devices through the authentication app.

This means you can access all the credentials stored on the Edge under your Microsoft account. All you have to do is go to the Passwords tab in the authentication application and sign in. After Authenticator completes sync, it will automatically provide password completion when you open an app or visit the website.

Microsoft has also introduced the Autofill extension for the Google browser. That is, if you save passwords, usually Edge, but you want to use them in Chrome. This feature works similarly to Chrome’s built-in autofill feature.

You can edit or delete your Chrome login instead of going to the fringe first. The company released a preview of these features in December, and they are now officially available.

In addition to launching the Autofill feature on many platforms, the Microsoft Authenticator update provides the app with the power to import passwords from Chrome and CSV files. The company claims that the app can be used as a password manager.

The application is also secure because the authenticator requires multiple factor authentication. Evidence will also be encrypted. Also, you must first use biometric information or enter your PIN code before Authenticator can automatically complete any application or website you visit.

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