Microsoft begins to compete with meta and brings teams to virtual reality

Microsoft announced on Tuesday its plan to bring virtual reality to its popular online collaboration platform. Teams, Within one week to the owned company Facebook changed its name to Meta Do exactly the same.

Within the framework of the Microsoft Ignite Developer Conference, the company announced that it would begin integrating features of the virtual reality platform and mesh augmented reality from Redmond (Washington, USA) by 2022.

Among other things, Internet users can create their own avatars to attend work meetings and social events, and create virtual spaces to interact with other users who have the feeling of sharing space with them without leaving home.

Although the first step will be incarnations, the company hopes that in the long run these can be replaced by more realistic holograms.

The virtual universe within the array can be accessed with virtual reality glasses and by phone or computer.

Last Thursday, the company that owned Facebook, until then had the same name as the social network, changed its name to meta to reflect the shift in its priorities toward a virtual reality global metaware that Microsoft is showing today.

The main difference between meta and Microsoft announcements is that the former has a more leisurely nature (attending events such as video games or concerts), while the Microsoft teams platform is similar to the company world. .

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