Mexico will not allow access to its embassy in Quito to arrest Jorge Glass, foreign minister says

(CNN Spanish) — Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Barcená Ibarra said her government would not allow Ecuadorian officials to enter the Mexican embassy in Quito this Friday to arrest former Vice President Jorge Claus. He pleaded not guilty.

“It can't be done because it would violate the diplomatic immunity of our embassy. Our embassies are places with very important diplomatic immunity,” the official said in a phone interview with Mexican journalist Leonardo Curcio. Government of Ecuador and it was announced this Friday.

As of this Saturday, the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not issued an official statement, but the company published part of an interview on social network request from the Ecuadorian government. @EmbaMexEcu Related to Ecuador George Glass”.

The media also obtained a transcript of a segment sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that confirmed the Mexican official's statements “regarding the Jorge Claus case.”

CNN reached out to Ecuador's foreign ministry on Saturday for comment, and they said they were working on a response.

In an interview this Friday, Barcena said that Mexico continues to scrutinize Glass's asylum claim, “as much as political persecution of Jorge Glass; as much as it's really a legal and corruption problem.”

“So no, they're going to break into the embassy, ​​never,” Parsena explained in the interview.

Glass, sheltered and waiting

Last December, the Mexican Foreign Ministry confirmed that the former vice president had entered the delegation as a guest, requesting its protection and expressing fears for his safety and personal freedom. After his admission, Glass' defense confirmed to CNN that the former vice president formally applied for political asylum on December 20.

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In early January, Judge Luis Rivera of the National Court granted a detention order against former Vice President Jorge Glass in connection with the “Reconstruction of Manafi” case for alleged fraud. Glass's defense has denied the allegations.

Klass (along with other defendants) must be held accountable for misappropriating public resources that should have been used to restore reconstruction and employment after the earthquake that struck the Manabi region in northern Ecuador. April 2016.

Ana Maria Canizares contributed to this report for this publication.

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