“Mexico is not Venezuela”: AMLO tells Leon Cross in an interview with George Ramos

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At his morning press conference, the President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, He scolded the journalist, Leon Cross, He was with his colleague after the interview, George Ramos, This, the President explained Trend and goal and professional disability.

Apart from this, he was critical of Cross For “insulting” Ramos After asking him questions, he tried “Have the answers he wants”, And so on “Treat him (Ramos) or treat him like a fool or an idiot.”

“I did not see an interview with George Ramos by Leon Cross, who, like George, criticizes us. I asked him, ‘Hey, is there a dictatorship in Mexico? Is Andres Manuel a dictatorship? Is there no democracy in Mexico? Is there a democracy? All the young people who read the magazine will learn What not to do when doing the magazine’s noble business.

I mean, how can a journalist do such an interview? Generosity, lack of purpose, lack of professionalism, demands the answers he wants. Insulting the interviewer, manipulating him or making him a fool or a Fake. Let them see it. George, even with the differences we have, he said to him ‘This is Venezuela, not Mexico. There is no dictatorship. Yes, there is democracy in Mexico. ‘ But why does Leon Cross do that? Not only for lack of professionalism, but also for courage. They lose objectivity. They are confused.”, He sentenced.

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Similarly, the President affirmed those interests Leon Cross The interview is scheduled to be part of an effort to protect his father, Enrique Cross, Who is the most critical critic of the current administration and who classifies AMLO Defender of the neo-liberal model.

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“So I understand your feelings. Just as every son protects a father, But those political differences cannot blind us. The differences with Enrique Cross are because he was Defender of the neo-liberal model that created the crisis in Mexico and he supported electoral fraud; It has silenced the corruption that ruled throughout the neo-liberal era. Now that he is no longer a political mentor, Cross and Aguilar Common are very upset. “

Later, Lopez screened part of the interview with Obrador, who finally smiled, saying: “So he (Cross) wanted to tell him (Ramos) that I was a dictator.”

The reference arose as a result of an investigation into the allegations Report New York Times Launched against the Chancellor, Marcelo Abbott, Due to the collapse of Metro Line 12. In response, Lopez Obrador Noted that the investigation It is not objective And “nothing else informs them what is convenient and what affects us.”

Photo: Reuters.
Photo: Reuters.

On June 13, Journalist George Ramos pointed out, In an interview with Leon Cross, President Tabasco “must remain in power” because he acted within the parameters of democracy.

When asked about the future of the country during an interview directed by Leon Cross, the spokesman said Democracy does not feel the same dangers as other countries. I am quite clear about this: Lopez is not Obrador Nicolas Maduro, he is not Hugo Chavez. Mexico is not VenezuelaHe said he hopes the president will not be re-elected in 2024 as promised.

In addition, Ramos promised it “Lopez Obrador to stay in power until last day” Because he was democratically elected in 2018. “You have to meet each of those days, but not once,” he said.

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In this sense, the spokesperson in the United States AMLO was positioned against those who believed it should leave power before the end of the six-year term. “No. I do not agree with that,” he said.

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