Mexican girl goes viral after learning that they speak Spanish mediotimpo in Spain

It has been going viral recently on various sites like TikTok There is a video there Mexican girl Find it Spain is spoken Spanish. This content comes from the segment ‘Matrilinos around the world’ of the TV channel from the aforementioned country La Sexta, published in February 2021.

In the clip you see a woman Port of VallartaOne who holds Conversation with Reporter of Sixthwhich Surprise He discovered that the Mexican did not know it Spain Spanish speaking.

Mexican woman surprises Spanish reporter

You can see how in the video Spanish reporter arrives at a house in Puerto Vallarta, where a Womenindicating that he lives there.

Later, the Mexican asks the reporter where she’s from, to which the latter quickly replies ” Spain“Immediately, the citizen of Jalisco questions her”do you speak spanish“, the journalist, confused, replies: “Of course, in Spain they speak Spanish“.

However, Noor further surprises the interviewer by telling her “I thought you sounded like Canadians.” After that statement, the Spanish told him repeatedly: “I don’t believe it.”

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