Mexican Copa Libertadores: Nicholas Largaman

Mexico City /

Argentina Nicola Largaman, Coach Puebla, Confirmed the participation of Mexican clubs this Wednesday Copa Libertadores will give more sequence, The oldest club competition in the world who were already guests.

“The Libertadores This is a competition that will be standardized with the entry of Mexican teams. When they participate They are entertaining, They reached the final events, and If they had good luck they would have been champions, Without a doubt, “he explained.

Former Venezuelan technicians Anzostegui and Chile’s Antofacosta, Huachibado and Curiek Unido reinforced his point by recalling Sunday’s victory in the semifinals. Club World Cup Of Tigers Mexican about him Palm trees Brazil, the new champion of the Copa Libertadores.

“Mexican teams today They are for any conflict It may be in Copa Libertadores. Promotes footballer for Mexican football (being in Libertadores) and This would be a good opportunity For the match and Liga X, ”he said.

Largaman Puebla came on the bench Peruvian replacement for the current Clasura match Juan Rhinoso. In the five matches he has directed, they have accumulated one win, two draws and two defeats.

Puebla ranked thirteenth in March.

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