Mexican Cinema: Alejandro Gonzalez Returns to Dark Mexico City

Alejandro Gonzalez in the dark, during the 72nd edition of the Cannes Film Festival in May 2019.Pascal Le Sacraiton / Getty Images

Two decades after the shooting was over The dog loves In Mexico City, one of the most iconic films in the history of Mexican cinema, its director inspired international cinema. Alejandro Gonzalez is dark He has returned to his hometown 57 years ago with his camera. He is currently filming his new film, which is tentatively titled in the country’s capital Limbo.

Although Irit and his team are completely hermetic about the film and the filming process – it is a film with a political approach based on the 80s, and very few are said to have read the entire script and asked Irit to sign the confidentiality agreement so that information does not leak to the press – like Isabel la Catalica Street in the capital Filming in crowded and iconic places of the capital has hard secrets to put in the cinema. Historical Center.

The director selected key locations in the city for his new project, namely Jugalo Square or Fort Zapultebek. On Wednesday, the center’s coaches met with dozens of additional items lying on the street and were seen by the film’s protagonist, the actor Daniel Kimines Cacho -Who has worked with other greats of Mexican cinema Alfonso Crohn Y Guillermo del Toro, And most recently Sequoia, Directed by Gail Garcia Bernal, who is world famous for her performance as an actor Love dogs.

“There was a helmet, students, office workers in cases, pre-Hispanic dancers and punk women (with green or orange hair) for a builder like a cotton man,” the newspaper wrote. Reform About Irittu’s addition to Wednesday’s shoot. “Almost all the time, the director was wearing masks just like his entire cast, when it sounds clapperboard and“ Action! “

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Thursday’s shooting on Maduro Street led to the closure of the multi-block quartet that angered passers-by. “You and the little movies about you don’t make people think,” a passerby told the newspaper Global, Is disturbed by blocked streets. Another passerby was arrested after jumping on trains during the shooting and attacking one of the security guards.

A few days before filming began, Jugalo turned off public lights at the National Palace, government buildings or the Temple Mayor at the request of Limbo Films and with the approval of the Mexico City Film Commission. Metro traffic closed a station in Sagalo these days. A year after the epidemic in Mexico City halted several filming projects, the city will now be in filming for at least five months Limbo, The city center is pending how it will be under the eye of one of its most beloved directors.

Alejandro Gonzalez, one of the three internationally recognized Mexican directors, was honored by the film’s anniversary, which was celebrated late last year, and, paradoxically, took him off the Mexican sets: The dog lovesIt was 20 years since its first show in 2000. “This film changed my life, before and after it,” filmmaker Morelia said at the start of the film festival, in October, when retrieving a version. After that they came for him Babel (Recorded in Mexico, USA and Japan), Twice (With actor Javier Bardem in Spain), Birdman (On the streets of New York, he won the Oscar for Best Picture), and Revenant (With Leonardo DiCaprio, winner of another Oscar for Best Director).

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Now he is returning to Mexico with a film in Spanish and a dazzling Mexican team. In the project Limbo There is also a producer, Tita Lombardo, who was part of the team The dog loves Y பாபல், And art director Eugenio Caballero (Oscar winner) Bon’s Labyrinth Written and worked by Guillermo del Toro Roma, From Quaran).

At the Morelia Festival, without mentioning his name, the director made some comments criticizing President Andres Manuel Lopez for cutting into the Obrador Department of Culture. He spoke of “not being left in the middle of these circumstances.” [de la pandemia], With little government support. ” At the time, there was talk of cutting several trusts that the government planned to cancel, including companies that support filmmakers. “A country without cinema is a blind country,” the director said. A country that will soon be seen again through the lens of Irit.

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