Message sent by Gilvette to Suzuki Figueroa: You are welcome in PN

Tegucigalpa, Honduras .-then what Self Fikurova He said the so-called People’s Alliance was the “fault” of the candidates Salvador Nasrallah and Siomara Castro, Leader of the National Party, Gilvet Bertrand, He sent a message to the doctor.

“For Dr. Fikurova, we welcome the movement of a man who will never change the word ‘Bobby a la Orton’ who will be the next president of Honduras,” the nationalist said on Radio America.

In addition, he reiterated that if she felt betrayed, her crimes were not related to the Freedom Party.

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“The doctor is absolutely welcome if she regrets that she was disappointed that she did not agree with the interests of the Libertad y Refundasian (Libre). Repent, Ms.

Finally, Bertrand Libertad y told all those betrayed by Salvador Nasrallah to join the National Party because he wanted his house to be “adequate for all Hondurans.”

Fikurova retreated

After marking Really “chaotic” alliance What did Salvador Nasrallah do with Siomara Castro, the deputy candidate for the Salvador Party Honduras (PSH)? Self Fikurova, At the presidential level he welcomed the withdrawal of the trade union between the two political parties.

In an interview, Figueroa confirmed the audio, where he said he had “never seen so much strain” because it did not refer to a decision made by Nasrallah.

“As for the audio reports, they’re not an announcement, in fact I’m going to say: that audio is out of context, that audio was filtered and published as statements; That unit deviated from what we were discussing, that the coalition was dissatisfied with the way it was not socialized., Express.

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