Mercedes-Benz where Enrique Iglesias’ sister monopolizes attention

Tamara Falco, the sister of Enrique Iglesias, dazzles with her beauty on social networks in various photos of a luxury Mercedes-Benz, which attracted the attention of thousands of followers. We show you pictures that give what you are talking about.

Enrique Iglesias He’s part of a big family, which highlights his sister Tamara Falcoa beautiful figure on Spanish television, a lover of gastronomy and travel around the world, we can see her experiencing the diversity of cultures she shares on her social networks.

Her image is simply charming, with elegance and creativity present in every print she creates, revealing her tastes, reflections, and interactions with her family, in addition to her complete willingness to reveal the secrets of fashion that no one misses, because she is always on trend.

In addition to being a chef, Grenion’s sixth and influential luxurious career, He also shows his special interest in cars with excellent presence, functionality and comfort He usually travels with his family and friends to enjoy his day until he reaches his destination in a comfortable, fast and safe way.

One of the few models that stands out in his personal social network in several photos is Mercedes-Benz GLC CoupeA stylish alternative with the best of an SUV, it’s sporty, cool and with great advanced technology, featuring MBUX touch operation, wireless charging, driving assistance and a parking package that add to the benefits for its occupants.

Said wonder at the wheel, It has a sliding glass roof, adaptive multi-beam headlights, goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds, delivers torque from 520 Nm to 700 Nm, power 390 hp up to 510 hp, and has a top speed of 230 km / h. hour With all the requirements to travel with the best, highlighting the acquisition in the photos you can see in this note.

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+ Look at the sister of Enrique Iglesias at Mercedes-Benz:

Tamara Falco, sister of Enrique Iglesias in a Mercedes-Benz
Tamara Falco, sister of Enrique Iglesias in a Mercedes-Benz

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