Members of Afghanistan’s female robotics team arrive in Mexico

(CNN) – Five women from Afghanistan’s famous robotics team arrived in Mexico on Tuesday after the Taliban seized the country.

The five women, along with one of their allies, were flown to Mexico on a business plane on Monday by various organizations, said Martha Delgado, deputy secretary for multidisciplinary affairs and human rights at the Mexican Foreign Ministry. Press Tuesday.

The frenzied Western evacuation operation at Kabul airport has been accelerated as the Taliban will no longer be allowed to evacuate Afghanistan. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has made it clear that his goal is to reach the August 31 deadline for the withdrawal of troops from his country.

Many of those who left the country after the Taliban came to power were educated, especially women. When the Taliban last ruled, women were banned from working and going to school and university.

Authorities say five women from a well-known robotics team have arrived in Mexico.

“Following the tradition of solidarity with the feminist foreign policy of the Mexican government, we have made several diplomatic efforts to create a safe passage that will allow them to be taken to Mexico,” Delco said. “We give you a warm welcome to Mexico.”

Women will have a humanitarian visa for up to 180 days, after which they may have the option of extension, Delcado said.

The Mexico-based company, which has not been named for security reasons, offers free accommodation, food and basic services to team members, Delcado said.

“We are very pleased to be here and it is an honor to be honored by the Mexican government for being here and saving our lives,” team member Fatema Kaderyan told a news conference.

“From now on we will have opportunities for many more achievements in our lives so that we can be a part of the struggle for a better life,” Katherine said. “Even though we are far away from our homes, we will always be united. We will reach it thanks to your help. Thank you very much. We really appreciate you being with us in Mexico.”

According to the country’s government, several members of the team had previously been expelled to Qatar.

Until former President Donald Trump intervened, the team gained global attention in 2017 after being twice denied entry to the United States for a robotics competition.

The team was further accredited for developing ventilators from vehicle parts used to care for Covid-19 patients.

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