Meghan and Harry filled the patience of Queen Elizabeth II, who ordered legal action against the nobles.

The Queen has consulted with slander experts amid criticism that the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess are throwing from Los Angeles, California.

Queen Elizabeth II is about to put an end to the wave of criticism unleashed by Megan Markle since she left the palace. According to some British media reports, the king has ordered his aides at Buckingham Palace to launch a legal battle against Prince Harry and Meghan.

Apparently the Queen’s Patience was filled with an interview with Subsex’s Dukes of Oprah Winfrey in front of millions of viewers in the United States. In it, Harry and his wife make strong statements that a member of the royalty had expressed concern about the color of his skin before the birth of his son Archie, which would have been the camel’s broken straw.

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“The feeling from above is enough, that’s enough,” a government spokesman told the British newspaper The Sun. A certain amount. “The evidence continued.” They get lawyers. Harry and Megan know they can’t tolerate repeated attacks.

After a wave of criticism in Los Angeles, California, the Queen may have consulted her legal team with defamation experts.

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The interview was released on Sunday, March 7, in the United States. Photo: EDH / AFP

But the Platinum Jubilee will not end there as the Queen’s team is considering sending legal warnings to the Penguin Random House.

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“If someone is named in the book and directly accused of something, it could be slander,” the source told The Sun. “It’s worrying that the American people love what Harry and Megan say.”

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The issue of “finding freedom” was an unrecognized autobiography of the nobles, and those close to them said they were “not surprised” in Elizabeth II’s cold statement after accusing him of racism.

For its part, the British Royal House noted at the time, last March, that “they were saddened to learn how challenging the past years have been”.

Although Hari told the media that “they are not a racist family”, he also explained that he did not contact his brother after the controversial interview.

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