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Actions such as starting the vehicle while in motion, or changing from “drive” to “reverse” without stopping completely, are extremely dangerous and can accelerate transmission wear.

For this reason, to avoid having to go to the mechanic, the main thing is to use the handbrake correctly when parking the car and avoid using the transmission as a brake when landing, which are recommended practices that contribute greatly to car care.

You should also follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding transmission maintenance which can make a huge difference in the long-term condition of the vehicle.

Failure to pay attention to early signs of a problem, such as unusual noises, harsh gear changes, or delays in response, can lead to major breakdowns. Therefore, at the first signs of a malfunction, it is necessary to go to a trusted mechanic for an inspection, especially one associated with the company that manufactured it.

Car care and prevent unexpected costs

Moving from a manual transmission car to an automatic car requires not only adapting to a different driving style, but also a mindset geared towards performing optimal maintenance at each period of time.

Many automotive experts highlight the importance of drivers taking into account and respecting the capabilities and limitations of automatic cars to avoid bad habits that can put the health of the car at risk and cost more money in repairs.

Acting negligently when driving this type of vehicle not only reduces the vehicle's functionality and safety, but may also result in wasted time on maintenance that could have been prevented with proper care. Therefore, taking a proactive approach to maintenance and paying attention to the specific needs of our automatic vehicle can mitigate these risks.

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Moreover, although it may seem repetitive, it is recommended to read the user manual and consult specialists who can provide timely advice for safer and more efficient handling.

The responsibility of driving an automatic goes beyond just the convenience of not having to start and shift gears manually while driving.

Optimal use includes a clear understanding of its specialized operation, as well as a prevention mentality and taking necessary action when there are problems, thus ensuring not only the mechanical integrity of the vehicle, but also safety on the road.

Adopting good driving and maintenance practices from the beginning can result in a more satisfying and cost-effective ownership experience in the long term, while getting the most out of your vehicle. | information

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