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McDonald’s is preparing to lay off corporate employees this week, according to a report. Photo: CBS

Fast food chain McDonald’s Corp. will temporarily close its US offices as it prepares to make corporate decisions about hiring. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the company is preparing to announce this week that it is laying off several corporate employees as part of a broader restructuring.

Through an internal email, some employees of the Chicago fast-food chain have been told to work from home Monday through Wednesday while employee decisions are made virtually. It is not yet known how many people will be laid off.

“During the week of April 3, we will inform key decisions related to staffing roles and levels across the organization,” the company said in the email seen by TWSL. Additionally, in the email, the company asked its workers to cancel all meetings with suppliers and outside companies.

In January, the American company indicated that it will review employment levels in companies to update its business strategies, and this may lead to layoffs in some areas and expansion in other areas. McDonald’s is expected to start making decisions on Monday.

How many employees does McDonald’s have?

McDonald’s has more than 150,000 employees worldwide, in corporate positions and in its own restaurants. The chain said in February that 70% of its workforce is based outside the United States.

The company said that employees who do not have access to a computer during the week will need to provide personal contact information to their manager. They added, “We want to ensure the comfort and confidentiality of our people during the notice period,” which will take place the week of April 3.

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Mass layoffs

Many companies across all industries are cutting their workforces amid concerns about the global economy, US inflation and a possible recession. The layoffs began last year in the technology sector and spread to retailers and manufacturers. In March, Amazon indicated that it would not have 9,000 more jobs than previously announced.

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