McDonald’s serves customers with robotic employees

  • McDonald’s will make changes to its hamburgers to increase the quality of its sales.

  • The approximate value of McDonald’s is $200 billion.

  • The franchise is characterized by quick service of hamburgers, soft drinks and fries.

McDonald’s The company began testing new changes to improve its brand, because in December 2022 the company opened a restaurant with robotic employees, putting humans aside, something that surprised many.

Technology shows great developments day by day, some versions terrify humanity, but others help meet the needs of the world. With this new facility, the restaurant’s idea is to serve its customers faster, despite the fact that the company is known for providing quick service.

How is the first McDonald’s with robots?

It is located in the city of Fort Worth (Texas, United States), McDonald’s Laying out the first automated building, the human staff has been replaced by touch screens, which are located at the entrance to the restaurant. Through a video on social media, the operation of this new method implemented by the fast food company has been revealed.

With the moderate technology they put to the test to get this new place, the main goal McDonald’s is improving the speed of orderswhich avoids making those who might arrive very hungry wait to purchase a product.

The downside to this is that if McDonald’s starts seeing changes in sales and receiving positive feedback from customers, it may start to replace more employees from different branches, leading to unemployment.

On the other hand, the integration of this new technology has not yet received the necessary approval from customers according to specialists in social networks, as many have criticized this new function, which is the support of workers.

Soon some comments began circulating on TikTok: “Oh no, we had to talk to Siri and Google And now we have to talk to another computer “,” I will not give my money to bots. Raise the minimum wage.”

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The answer McDonald’s With this new idea, more human workers will be in the kitchen making food and taking orders from all customers who reach the establishment faster.

In Mexico, how much does a McDonald’s employee earn?

The fast food chain is very popular in Mexico, as it is always looking for new talents as most of its employees are young college students who work and study at the same time. In 2020, McDonald’s had 400 restaurants and employed about 10,000 people to furnish its premises and provide service, as reported by various media outlets.

According to data from Indeed and Glassdoor, the monthly salary earned by a Ronald McDonald’s franchise worker It ranges from 3,784 per month as a floor clerk to 22,889 pesos as a manager.

What are the most popular jobs?

A general assistant earns 4,347 per month, while a commercial director earns 22,715 pesos, and finally a head of budgets who earns 24,964 pesos, according to Indeed data. All of these positions include benefits under the law: IMSS, INFONAVIT CONTRIBUTIONS, CHRISTMAS BONUS, SUNDAY AND HOLIDAY PARTIES WITH A FULL 8 HOURS SCHEDULE.

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