Mays accuses the SWP of withholding nine million under the Science Act

The formation of the Environmental Sovereignty Més per Mallorca yesterday accused the PSOE of objecting to an amendment to the Science Act so that Balearic Islands companies investing in R + D + I have a corporate tax deduction 20 percentage points above what is specified by the public systemthus reducing its tax effort by approximately nine million euros.

The coordinator of Més per Mallorca, Lluís Apesteguia, told this newspaper yesterday that the Socialists had exercised their right to veto his amendment Regional Senator Vicenc Vidal At the Senate plenary session held yesterday to ratify the Science Act, which the Head of Training followed directly from the Senate of Madrid.

Apesteguia explained that because the financial portion of the Balearic Islands Special Regime (REB) is outlawed in the House of Representatives – possibly for the “electoral use” of this legislation in the future, the Coordinator stated – Tries to separately raise the various measures contained in the REB in legislative opportunities that are offered.

For example, the Science Act, which the Senate approved yesterday, but finally without the Més amendment: “It was a really practical measure that would favor economic diversification”the coordinator regretted the proposal Reducing the financial effort of R&D and technological innovation companies on the islands.

The sovereign leader considered that the Socialist Workers Party “Excuse me” by claiming that the nine million will incur an additional cost to running the countrygiven that this amount actually means “a minimum and insignificant budget allocation, which can be fully borne by the government.”

However, the proposal was also rejected, and technology companies They will not receive this bonus and will have to pay corporate tax as in the rest of Spaindespite the financial stress that isolationism is already generating in the Balearic Islands.

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This is not the first time that Mays per Mallorca has suggested this procedure. It was already presented in the general budget for 2022, but was also rejected for the same reason: “We will continue to insist,” Apestgoia said. Yesterday, environmental sovereigns had a parliamentary majority in the Senate, but the exercise of a veto by the Socialist Workers’ Party prevented even a vote on the proposal.

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