Mayor inaugurates space rehabilitation on Gonzaletos Street | Mexico news

with 6.5 million pesos The rehabilitation of the public space was inaugurated under the Via Gonzaletos bridge and the intersection with Calzada Madero in the capital, Nuevo Leon.

Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas, Mayor of Monterrey, commented on this This project was the first to be announced during his campaignimportant because it is a space that has been salvaged to serve that area where there is a large pedestrian flow due to the presence of the University Hospital.

“I appreciate the tremendous openness that the residents of the Vista Hermosa neighborhood have had to co-create this space along with the municipal government, this project was born out of a proposal made by the residents themselves and that was why the co-creation dynamic was born.”

What is the new space?

rehabilitation work It is 2,700 meters high and consists of floating concrete pierspedestrian crossings through the Pompeian steps, concrete bench areas ready to rest, gardeners ready, parking for taxis, women’s and men’s restrooms, family restroom with changing table.

this work Has a human social approach Therefore, it will be overseen by the partner municipality of Monterrey and the neighborhood committee in the neighborhood of Vista Hermosa.

The mayor mentioned it The area is guarded by 6 policemen Divided into 3 shifts plus 4 surveillance cameras connected to C4.

He emphasized that maintenance is integrated into the public services budget, Dependency that will be responsible for the maintenance of the area.

He stressed that this type of physical space and the idea is to be functional and Save the area Where in the past they were sources of insecurity or sabotage.

For her part, Roxana Rojas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Vista Hermosa District, said, The mayor thanked the mayor for this work to rehabilitate a bea Which became a source of insecurity.

“This was the work of the entire neighborhood committee and the office of the mayor of Monterey and now we all have an obligation to look out so that this space is kept in the best conditions,” he said.


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