Mauricio Pochettino responded to Keeler Nawaz’s ‘fiery’ words

The coach of Paris Saint-Germain, Mauricio Pochettino, made it clear that PSG’s goal management was excellent this season: Diego and Italian Gianluigi Donorumma.

After the national goalkeeper made some statements about how he lived the game year, Helmsman spoke again about his team’s goal, in which he announced that he expected a change and that there should be more minutes, otherwise he could evaluate his actions. To give in his profession.

Pochettino, for his part, sympathized with Nawaz’s claims, however, that it would not be easy to have two goalkeepers at such a stage.

“That was the season. The situation of two goalkeepers … No other club in the world has ever lived with number two on this scale,” he explained.

Argentina pointed out that the sporting competitiveness displayed by the two was remarkable and that it was an element that the coaching staff appreciated.

Despite his ratings, Pochettino insisted he could not maintain the cycle next season because he expects both players to play more minutes than the system set by DT.

“The coexistence and rivalry between them was very good. The future will definitely be written in different situations and of course each of them wants to play more. Logically, there will be a different administration, ”he said.

Finally, Helmsman emphasized that he and his coaching staff had learned from the experience of having two of the ‘best’ goalkeepers on the planet.

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“As an employee, we had a new experience in adaptation and decision making. It was also a learning experience for us,” he concluded.

The continuation of Mauricio Pochettino, led by Paris Saint-Germain, remains a mystery because he failed in his main objective to reach the European Champions League.

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