Match Summary Chivas vs USA (3-3) Half time goal

Akron Stadium, Guadalajara. /

The Women’s MX League There will be a new champion team Sivas He stopped on the way 3-3 tie with USA and left 6-4 on aggregateAnd after a vibrant finish Akron StadiumThe Eagles were the first finalist Will open in 2022Waiting for a competitor to come out Classic Royale.

Again, there were more women from the capital Holy flockAida came out of the semi-finals on Friday Aztec Stadium with a 3-1 Against, and having to carry everything at home, things took time to come out and the Dapatias left the crown. Women’s MX LeagueWhen they intend to go Bi-Championship.

Neither the general leaders nor the current champions served on the table John Paul AlfaroWho will see now final On TV, although the Eagles were solid candidates for the title, they pressed on at the end of the tournament and were nowhere near a miracle.

A Akron Stadium With support from Rojiblanco, Women are Shivas Started badly and in the 2nd minute there was already a penalty in favor of USA White Felix Made a reckless mistake on the Spaniard, Andrea Pereira; hissing, Diana Stefania Perez Borja VAR awarded the maximum penalty with the help of a silent test.

At 4′, Perera He scored from 11 paces 1-0 and multiply the difference in global score by 3.

Sivas Try and 10′, Carolyn Jaramillo fell into the realm of nothingness Kimberly Rodriguez And a fine is marked; Perez Borja went VAR And realizing that there was no violation, the game continued.

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A team from Guadalajara tried Damaris Gonzalez He made a shot at 39′, and one at 44′. Alice Cervantes There was a one-on-one that beat the goalkeeper, Itzel Gonzalezlittle by little Guadalajara In the first half.

Second half begins Women are Shivas hunted and Cervantes He kept it at 49′ with a shot that went wide; The woman from Jalisco made another shot at 50, which she put in the American post. People from Guadalajara arrived, but they didn’t mention it.

Another shot came Licha who stayed GonzalezAnd in 63′, The United States ranks second in killing the sacred herdwhen Scarlet Cambros Picked up the ball, entered the area on the left side and left behind Allison GonzalezDropped Felix with a powerful shot 2-0 And increase the total to 5-1.

It was up to 67′ Sivas wakes up Y Adriana Iterbid Shortened distances. did 2-1 (5-2 total) over a set piece. Payment Jaramillo In the heart of the area, the Doctor was there to turn his head.

The locals continued and in the 82′ they put it on 2-2 Thanks for the annotation (5-3). Gabriela ValenzuelaReceived a pass from Licha inside the area and gave a lot of life with his head Women are ShivasWho went for 2 goals in the final half of the game,

The fight had life, and things got even hotter 85′ A penalty was awarded in favour Women are ShivasThis is for one hand Sabrina Enzo; When Licha picked up the ball, he fired it to the right of the American goal 5-4 on aggregate. appeared “Yes you can, yes you can”ok Sivas I needed one more goal to become a finalist and pursue the dream.

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The dream is over 92′ when Gianna Palacios He made the third for the Eagles. He gets into the area from behind, hits everything back and releases the shot to score Felix And kill the little life Sivas.

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