Mark Hopez of Blink-182 declared he had cancer

(CNN) – Blink-182 singer and bassist Mark Hobbes is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, he said on his social media accounts on Wednesday.

Hopez said on Twitter that he was receiving treatment, but did not reveal what type of cancer he had.

“I have been receiving chemotherapy for cancer for the last three months,” he wrote.

“I have cancer. It is absorbed, I am scared, at the same time I am blessed by wonderful doctors, family and friends, they will help me to get this. I have many more months of treatment, but I am trying to be confident and positive. I can not wait to get rid of cancer, a future I can see all of you at the concert. I love all of you, ”he continued.

The 49-year-old musician also posted a photo of himself on his Instagram story in which he can be seen sitting in a chair and openly clapping his hands with IV.

“Yes, hello. Cancer treatment, please,” he wrote next to the photo.

Tom Delong, co-founder of the band, said he was aware of Mark Hobbes’ diagnosis of cancer and offered his support.

“To add to his own words that he used today, I would like to say that he is strong and an inhumane person who overcomes this difficult obstacle with a very open mind,” Delong said in a tweet.

The rock band Blink-182 was formed in 1992 and became a commercial success in 1999 with the album “State of Enema”. His latest album “Nine” was released in 2019.

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