Mario Orosco, former Sivas player and physical trainer of JJ McCaw

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2020 was a scary year Mario Orosco: Stayed Outside of Sivas, The infection had come, and as it was not enough, he had a knee problem. Faced with this situation, he rediscovered himself and found the escape valve in training. It completely changed his life because it led him to enter Exetlon Mexico.

However, before entering the project, he started doing a job Fitness trainer And carrying on the last part of the production in his first missions Jose Juan Maccas Before he left for Getafe in Spain.

“It’s the most important role in my life. I broke my knee, got infected, I had no contract at Sivas, the only team that paid me all year was Alleppey. I was so grateful to them. When the epidemic came, I was like, ‘What am I going to do now?’ So I started training; many teams told me I was physically better than I was playing, ”he recalled in an interview. Mediodimbo“In my training sessions, there were many athletes from the first team I was their coach before I went to Exotlon.

Wolf, it is known Former Sivas Flyer, who worked with JJ Magas, Carlos Cisneros and Miguel Bones, He was one of the elements that shared a team in the lower categories, apart from his good friend, Angel Soldier.

“I also worked with Jose Juan McCaw, Miguel Ponce, Cisneros because even in the past, I had time with them when I was Cardoso, but with my last Cardoso. They know what I was assigned. I started taking functional training classes, pharmacology, supplements, That’s when I started motivating myself to teach, and it came later Exathlon Now it is something I want to continue to do, but it is already in excellent condition, ”he added.

“Everything was very private in their homes, private, there is a gym in many people’s condominiums, we used those gyms, all of which were based on work not done with their PF in the morning,” he admitted.

Orosco was born in Colima, and he came Shivas Quarry, Where he began his career and in 2014 he made his debut MX file; Also played Alebridges from Chorus de Tepic, Oaxaca and El Jakotebeck. His best record is the 2019 Asenso MX title with the Oaxacan team.

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He was supported by many Sivas soldiers

His past was created in Sivas Mario Orosco He received the support of the Guadalajara players as his best friend, Angel Soldier, She encouraged him during his stay in Exeter.

“Yes, already (Exatlón) when I gave them my cell phone, I saw their stories of them supporting me, even their daughter, with Angel, (Carlos) Fierro, Sophis (Lopez), I have a good relationship, I knew them from a young age, I I supported them, they are the people I respect the most Bear, Ruben Gonzalez“, He noted.

“El Cello is a very focused person, he has not lost his land since his introduction and not long ago, and he knows how to handle that situation and can sometimes handle even the toughest moments or crises in Sivas.

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