Mariela Sanchez has admitted that her relationship with Cristian Castro ended due to a misunderstanding.

Mexico City – A misunderstanding after one of Cristian Castro's presentations in Mexico City led to a break with Argentine Mariela Sanchez.

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In an interview for the show intrudersSanchez said the translator saw a photo of him with an old friend, which caused a fight between them.

“There was an argument, I decided to go back, I think Christian is telling the truth, the artist's life is complicated, I tried to go with him,” said Sanchez.

The clash occurred during Castro's second concert with Yuri at the National Auditorium in Mexico City. Meanwhile, the budding relationship came to light in January this year when the couple posted photos of themselves together.

“I never did anything bad about him with him, the last time I had a strong argument because he saw something that wasn't there,” explained the Argentine, who said he appeared with his lifelong friend Enrico. Dated from 2022 onwards. She decided to put an end to the “Happy Rooster” for the same reason, because she did not allow him to be jealous of a picture in which she posed many years ago.

“I face the reaction of a person looking at a photo from 2022 and I can't maintain that he thinks I'm in a relationship with someone who doesn't,” she said.

In an interview with Ana María Alvarado, Sánchez thanked Christian's family for all the attention they had for him.

“I have no harm with Veronica Castro, I met her family, I thought it was great, I appreciate the whole family, they all treated me well. It was nice to meet Veronica, I thank her for everything she did by taking me to the Basilica of Guadalupe, ” he concluded.

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