Maribel Guardia meets Victoria Rufo's granddaughter and cries over her

addition to the family Jose Eduardo Terbes And Paula DaleA few friends close to the new parents have already had the opportunity to meet the little girl TessaHe was born on June 30.

Such is the case Maribel Cardiabest friend Victoria RufoHe also went to the hospital where his granddaughter was born. Eugenio Terpes To accompany her in this special moment.

“To see beautiful Tessa, πŸ˜‡πŸ§ΈπŸ₯ her proud grandmother, her parents who are happier and more loving than ever with the arrival of this princess,” the Costa Rican wrote alongside two photos in which the two of them posed outside her room. Paula finds a pendant with some information about the newborn.

After leaving the hospital, Maribel Guardia spoke to the media and assured Tessa that she was a “doll”. The actress said that “the whole family is going crazy” with the arrival of the first-born daughter of Jose Eduardo Terbes.

“I saw it and I started crying with emotion.”

When Maribel meets Cordia Tessa

One of the most moving moments for Eugenio Terbes was seeing the joy on her granddaughter's face when she held her, and the moment brought her to tears. “It was a beautiful experience. I saw it and I started to cry with emotion seeing Eugenio's happy face,” commented Maribel, one of the celebrities who accompanied Jose Eduardo and Paola. baby shower Arranged by Ruffo.

Finally, Maribel Guardia confirmed what was already known, that Tessa inherited the Derpes genes, as Eugenio revealed in a recent interview. “He's got a beautiful parted beard, he's beautiful,” she said of her best friend's granddaughter.

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According to the singer, who spent a whole day with Terbes and Ruffo, Eugenio and Victoria lived in harmony, and both are more than 'in love' with their granddaughter: “I can't tell you how happy Victoria is. There is.”, he concluded.

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