Maribel Guardia dances with 2 beautiful guys Victoria Rufo and Afri Jawala

Beautiful and efficient Sample And Costa Rican actress, Maribel CardiaShe has been rated as one of the most beloved women in the entertainment world since her arrival MexicoContinues today and attracts its loyal audience in a variety of ways through its social networks Photos And Videos.

Today, the celebrity presenter met her two best friends Victoria Rufo and Afri Jawala, who once again reunited and engaged in the task of video dancing with bread and a cup of coffee.

This is a celebrity Trend (Trend on social networks), very funny audio with a song in which they say they want the dishes we have already mentioned, of course dance in a very fun way and make some faces while enjoying the moment in the kitchen.

Celebrities have already met on many occasions to dance or make fun video, which is one of their favorite hobbies in this creation. Entertainment In the world of the internet.

However, we know its origin very well Costa Rica They spend most of their time modeling for the various online stores they collaborate with, using their skills Influencer And of course letting their fans know of the options available.

Click here Watch the celebrity dance

Maribel Cardia / Instagram

Maribel Cardia shares videos of the trends he makes with his famous comrades.

Maribel Cardia is a figure who can be considered part of pop culture, very few who do not know her, so the numbers reach her easily.

More than 92,000 people gave him likes on this occasion, he got a great reception and it was so much fun, some of his fans suggest that he should continue to make posts like this, they will be there to enjoy them and will definitely give him their contact.

Stay tuned to Show News and continue to enjoy the beautiful content of Maribel and some other celebrities, show news, entertainment and more.

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