Maribel Dominguez spells out after leaving Mexican national team Mediatebo

After being announced on Wednesday 20th July Maribel Dominguez And his coaching staff was let go U-20 Women’s Mexican National TeamThe ex-footballer has finally spoken out on the matter and warned that he will take legal action for what he feels is defamation and damage to morals.

The Mexican Football Confederation Investigation started against Dominguez and its task force, eliminating all of its functions, leaving the group in hands Ana Galindo, temporarily.

Given this, Maribel Dominguez It shared a statement on its social networks, warning that it will abide by any decision taken FemexfutBut without letting it be white’moral damagesAgainst him and his family.

“I would seriously like the analysis and subsequent comments to be carried out in a Objective, transparent and professionalFor the good of Mexican women’s soccer, it hurts to beat me like this, but also for those involved in the investigation and their families.

Whatever decision is taken, I will abide by it fully and respectfully According to the research carried out by the stakeholders, it emerges from our respected national football governing body. What I will not allowIn any situation This is moral damage to me and my family “This is because of the allegations that are affecting my values, honesty, integrity and transparency,” he said.

Former national team player and former player Barcelona from Spainwarned that They will take legal action ‘If you have Misconceptions and claimsOnly harmful and without nutrition My reputation is tarnished And they are destroying my family forever because this investigation happened on social platforms too, without being heard.

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What was Maribel Domínguez accused of?

The coach and his coaching staff are a ‘Serious misconduct‘ By then U-20 tricolorWho is getting ready? the world Division, will be played from August 10 Costa Rica.

For the competition, the Mexico National Team In group B, located next New Zealand, Colombia and Germany.

An official announcement is expected this week Mexican Football Confederation, To find out whether or not Maribel continues to lead the women’s team is the focus for now High Performance Center and from Monday 18th July.

Who is Maribel Dominguez?

Maribel Dominguez (age 43) is considered one of the greatest players in history Women’s Mexican National TeamTwo disputes World Cups Y Olympic Games (Athens 2004)Matches where he can score.

There is also Maribel Gold cups Y Pan American Games; He shone in soccer in America and came to play in Europe Barcelona.

In MexicoIn the absence of a professional league, it was close enough to play with Atletico Madrid On top of that League Promoted in 2005But the FIFA Despite the consent of the footballer, he broke the contract Mexican Football Confederation.

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