Mariasel: Are you in trouble? Driver wears bikini on Qatar beach, they ask not to use it

Mariacel, the host of “Me caigo de risa”, traveled to Qatar to watch the soccer World Cup, for which she shared special moments with her supporters as she walked through the World Cup headquarters; however, On this occasion, he uploaded on his social networks a “strange” experience he lived while visiting one of the beaches of the Arab country.

Previously, it was already known in the media that due to the religion of the region (Islam), its inhabitants have certain rules and dress codes, and foreigners do not follow them “under the letter”. , since they can wear shorts, skirts and below-the-knee dresses, this seems to only work in football-friendly venues. In the middle of the beach, the famous woman was wearing a bikini and was asked to cover her body.

Through the programs, the presenter shared her story with Qatari authorities.

It all started when Mariasel arrived at Chimaysma Al-Khor, one of the closest places to her hotel. Mariasel expressed surprise that the beach was deserted and invited fans to visit the area.

Although she was initially dressed in black, in later clips she wore a black two-piece swimsuit.

A few minutes later he said: “I didn’t record it at the time out of respect for the authorities, but this is the first time you’ve seen me walking in shorts and tourists walking as they please, especially in an area where the World Cup is more atmospheric, around Qatar”.

He explained later An officer kindly approached her and told her and her traveling companion that the dress was not allowed in the place and told them to get dressed.Given this, the women obeyed and the police officer backed off: “Strange but that’s the rules,” he said.

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