Maria Felix’s granddaughter causes a stir on the networks; Upload a photo and they say it is similar to “La Dona”

Talking about Maria Felix a Women Who established himself as a star in International For being a part of the female icons of cinema in the golden age.

Let us remember that it is thanks to his talent and incomparable talent Beauty Maria Felix, nicknamed “La Dona”, has overcome the barriers of success and fame due to her outstanding acting techniques and uniqueness. CharacterIt evolved in her life as a middle class woman FameRemember that she was discovered and invited to act even if she was not Experience.

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Maria Felix and her legacy

Many things about Maria Felix are known about her life PersonalIncluding he had many LovesHe has been married four times, however, and one of the most well-known and proven things about “La Dona” is his popularity. Actress I always want to be neat.

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Now it’s precisely this elegance and balance Popular George Negrade’s wife inherited his daughter – in – law, who was outraged by social media because he was as dedicated as “La Dona”. Actress.

Daughter-in-law of Maria Felix, who received her talent

Maria del Carmen is Felix 38 years And in front of the cameras showed his great aunt Maria Felix possessing endurance, character and photosensitivity.

Inspired by the tradition left by her great aunt inside Posts In Mexican cinema, Maria del Carmen Felix He chose to dedicate himself to the Guild Art In which his father’s sister Bernardo Felix Flores won: acting.

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This time Maria del Carmen Felix Each of which has 160,000 followers Publications Receives dozens of comments praising its elegance Often It has to do with the beauty of “La Dona”.

Maria del Carmen Felix’s glamorous photo has been leaked to social media. GrandmotherSo now internet users have promised that Maria del Carmen looks like “La Dona” in this photo.


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