María Corina Machado rejects CNE proposal to postpone opposition primaries: “The date remains the same”

María Corina Machado rejected the CNE’s proposal to postpone the opposition primaries and assured that the date remains. (Reuters)

Venezuelan presidential candidate Maria Corina Machado He said on Thursday that the opposition leader should be chosen to face the government Nicolás Maduro They are maintained in 2024 October 22Despite the proposal of National Electoral Council (CNE), Controlled by Chavismo, to postpone them November 19.

The date of October 22 is maintained (…) There is a regulation, it is signed, it is agreed and there are thousands and thousands of citizens in the country who are committed to this schedule.said the party leader Come to Venezuela.

About the possibility Technical Assistant The Election Commission was willing to seek pre-candidate assistance, as long as the CNE was “willing to support those areas, National Primary Commission Be prepared to receive that support.

“If they are unable or unwilling to do so, the process will continue as is,” he stressed.

Machado, disqualified Chavista Comptroller’s Office to exercise Public chargeAt a public event in Marrakesh, the capital of Aragua state (northern Venezuela), thousands of people with banners and messages of support awaited him in front of the anti-Savista primaries, in which he will compete with 12 others. Other candidates, including former governor of Miranda Henrik Gabriels Radonsky.

Machado performed at a public event in Marrakesh, the capital of Aragua state (northern Venezuela), where thousands of people waited for him with banners and messages of support.

followers Leader of Opposition They climbed several streets, walls, sidewalks, the terraces of nearby buildings and the stairs of a shopping center close to the action to hear the former vice chancellor, who insisted the elections represent a “historic citizen process.”

Chant “” between pauses with the presenters.Venezuela has woken up”, Machado called on those who received him in Aragua to maintain a “dispassionate system”. Election process and promoting voting within their families and communities.

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We are going to seal it on the 22nd of October because that will be the first step towards the defeat of the regime and the return of our families.“He said this after asking his followers to invite a family member or friend who is abroad.

Machado predicted “Freedom will win”, he promised, would be “proved” on October 22.

We’re going to hit the streets, as we say here. This fight is to the end because Venezuela will be liberated”, he insisted.

“Many have said that trying to defeat the regime next year is impossible and that we should settle down in the cage and consider the possibility of defeating them in 2030. Here we are with a nation that has awakened, it is excited, mobilized and “it is organizing with unprecedented force,” Machado said. .

Machado predicted that “freedom will win,” and he promised that it would be “proved” on October 22.

These are the facts that have awakened Venezuela and made the Venezuelan people understand that socialism and populism represent suffering and shame.”, said Machado.

Chavismo has insisted that opposition primaries will not be held and is encouraging legislative inquiries into funding the process, but National Primary Commission (CNP) has made progress in issuing election ballots and locating voting centers including churches, squares, avenues, warehouses and private homes.

(with information from EFE)

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