Margarita Moreno will transform canine control center into a dignified space

* When she is mayor, it will be a Comprehensive Animal Care Center, which includes a public veterinary hospital.


Colima, Col.- For Margarita Moreno, candidate of the “Va por Colima” coalition for the capital’s mayor’s office, the attention, care and the procuring of animal welfare should be seen with total seriousness by the institutions, therefore , before activists and promoters of the defense of animals, he promised to dignify and renew what is currently the Canine Control Center and promote the creation of a public veterinary hospital.

Upon listening to the proposals of the activists present at the meeting, Margarita Moreno recognized the role that the associations have played in solving many of the needs of abandoned animals, inviting them to work as a team so that, hand in hand, the city council and organizations, achieve their goals.

“We have to dignify the Canine Control Center, starting by changing the name that does not convey any of the love that the institution should give to care for the animals,” he said, recognizing the great effort of civil organizations and activists to carry out the sterilization campaigns that, he said, must also be endorsed by the City Council.

He announced that in his administration he will carry out a plan that makes this space a Comprehensive Animal Care Center, which includes a public veterinary hospital, to which Colima families can go to attend to the health or emergencies of their pets, avoiding that many of them die without the opportunity for a diagnosis or specialized care.

Another aspect that she wants to project as mayor is that the animals awaiting adoption are not only locked in a cage with food waiting for an opportunity, “but that there is a decent space, where they can run, that there are volunteers who can take them out for a walk. as long as they are integrated into a family ”.

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Margarita Moreno said that she is a faithful believer that from childhood people should be trained to be empathetic with animals, so that campaigns will be carried out to promote the care of pets, in addition to insisting on promoting the adoption of animals to avoid buying pets.


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