Marco Fabian does not remove his finger from the line to return to Sivas

Marco Fabian points out that he will give details about his future soon, however, he cannot reveal it yet

Mexican player Marco Fabian He doesn’t take his finger off the line and wants to go to Shivas one day, Although he does not know when that will happen, he hopes that his future will be revealed soon after he leaves Juarez after the Kard 1 Ann Clausura 2021 match.

“If I have an answer or I want to get it, at some point I will say yes and I have expressed it It’s always been a dream come true, All I lived in Sivas, Returning to wear a Sivas shirt is a big dreamWhy not, I’m a player, I have it in my heart, it would be great to come back, “he explained.

“Now, then, in a few years, I like it, I like it, I don’t know if I agreed to it in many situations, but I don’t know this time,” he said. Instagram During an interview Amazon Prime.

Regarding his future, he said he will soon announce where he will continue his career after leaving the team of Jurஸ்s FC’s ruling coach Ricardo Ferretti for the next Mexican football tournament.

“I’m out …, and then I can reveal and shout out what my future holds, but at this point I can’t say it because we’ve in it, I can not share it anymore because I do not know it,” he added.

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The former Mexican, whose return to the Holy Flock is only a hope for the future, says, “I accept it, so we leave it.”

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