Marcelo Flores has English thoughts: Gignac

André-Pierre Guignac Likes young Mexicans Tigers Become better footballers, they continue to grow in their standards, he points out, which is why he demands a lot from them. Marcelo Flores, Diego Lines and Sebastian Cordova.

He emphasized that too Marcelo has great qualities and his style of hitting the ball is EnglishHis birthplace is the Arsenal Academy in England so he is a recent arrival Tigers in the current match.

“I’m going to tell you something, I know there’s a lot of young Mexicans like Lainez, Cordova, those kids are really good; Marcelo has English thoughts“He’s got intensity, impact in training, he’s got legs like that (skinny), but he’s got impact in crashes, you’ll see, he’s going to do well because he’ll ask for advice.”

“Diego Lines the same, Cordova the same, Undoubtedly, we have children from their best generation. “They may think I’m a sucker because I demand more of them, but it’s for their own good because I want them to reach the top because they’re great players,” Gignac said in a video appearing on social networks.

Lyness has improved a lotThe former was prominent in the Liguilla and today is an important part of cat activities; Cordova at the Big Party Last time he was the best player in the team, scoring in all events.

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