Marc Anthony responds to concerns about his extreme thinness

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Some photos from a few days ago Mark Antony hanging out and sunbathing with the Beckham family on their yacht in Florida, USA; However, many netizens were worried when they saw the very thin singer with a very tired face. Of course, the comments got to him, and he decided to respond on social networks that he was fine.

We have to say that the paparazzi photos of the translator of “Vivir Mi Vida” are not the best taken in his life, because he was completely relaxed, without a shirt or shoes, wearing only shorts. The wind ruffled his hair. A position that is not suitable for anyone.

But what her followers highlighted was her slim body, as her chest was bare and almost tattooed, making it noticeable how little her complexion was. Some fans even speculated that he might get sick after a grueling tour through Europe called “Pa’llá voy” and that he might injure his back in a fall.

Anyway. In fact, Marc Anthony tried to reassure his audience by mentioning that he is filling energy for his next projects and made it clear that he is not with his partner. Nadia Ferreira It doesn’t mean they had a couple crisis or similar issue, she just wanted to enjoy Miami Beach that day, as we saw on her social networks, when her boyfriend met his best friend. David Beckham and his sons.

Marc Anthony responds to those who worry about his extreme thinness

The Puerto Rican-American singer posted a video and some photos from one of his recent concerts to send a message to all those concerned about his health.

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“Enjoy great energy and continue #TourLife in two weeks! #EstoSigueee”, He wrote in the caption to confirm that he is not sick, but has more energy to carry on, trying to reassure worried fans and use the opportunity to announce new dates for his performances in various countries.

He has got a huge fan base that follows and cares for him. After the tour and a fall in which he injured his back, he disappeared for a while, and they hoped that the next time they saw him he would be completely renewed; In the absence of such, it is suspected that he has withdrawn from social media due to ill health. Fortunately Marc Anthony has clarified that this is not the case and he has all the energy to continue his concerts.

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