Mara Escalande leaves the new season of “Maria de Todo Los Angeles” | News from Mexico

Mexico City.– Five years later Televisa Was demanding Mara Escalande New scripts for the new season of the series, she gave up, the TV station will continue production without her.

Who gave life to the characters “Donna Lucha” And “Maria of all the angels” Executives will then be expelled from his own creative series Televisa They will ask her for new scripts and she will pull it off.

This was announced by the journalist Alex Coffee, Who says they heard new stories every time the series continued? Mara Escalande He restrained himself only by responding “Wait a minute for me” and “I’m done writing chapters”, which filled the executives’ patience.

A new story, the same characters

For this reason, the TV station has decided to continue the series, but with a new team of writers, thus leaving the characters Mara, Maria of all the angels And Maria de la Los Martinez, Alias “Donna Lucha”, However, if the rest of the cast is already familiar.

Characters Alberto, “Macaco”, Rosa Aurora, Father Aurelio And Chinese ” They return with new stories, but now with 13 characters, in which the actresses will have a special look Maribel Guard And Olivia Collins.

The rest of the characters will be played by the same actors, Ariel Miramondes Plays From “Alberto” to “Macaco” to Jose Luis Carneros, Alma Cero to “Rosa Aura”, from Benito Castro to “Father Aureliano” and from Peng Zheng to “Sino”.

Followers of the series have finally shown anticipation of seeing the new season of the series, especially at the end of 2020 Alberto, Rosa Aurora and Sino They recorded some videos together and they shared it on social media.

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