Manuel Turizo visits Medellin’s Commune 13 with Aida Victoria Merlano

Manuel Turizo On May 31 he surprised his followers in Medellin Visiting various cultural events Appreciated in Commune 13, With him came influence Aida Victoria Merlano.

Through their social networks, Celebrities shared details of their visit to the tourist sitePlus, they were happy Artistic expressions of the place, graffiti, dance and singing performances, They were measured to ‘perrier’ with local artists.

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A woman from Barranquilla also described it It was his first time at Komuna 13From Medellin, after arriving at the landmark alone It took a few minutes before they were surrounded by followers.

Upon entering Comuna 13, Duriso and Merlano pose in the column receiving visitors with the message “Welcome to 13.”To register your visit.

Likewise, local artists were promoted to the reggaeton player, “Thank you Manuel, for coming here to this ghetto, much love and respect “Because you’ve traveled the world and people know you as a singer or a rapper,” they said.

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Duriso also spoke about the possibility of creating a single for his next album inspired by the culture of Comuna 13, saying: “We’ll see. Anything can happen. I don’t know”.

For now, the Cordovan singer will focus on her International Tour “2000 Tour”, He has also traveled to many countries in Latin America and many cities in Canada.

In the same way, celebrities used the opportunity to post content on Instagram, where they appeared A “Couple of Lovers” Argument.

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