Manchester City have signed a preliminary agreement to bring a Mexican piece of jewelry to the UK

The majority of young Alejandro alkalo has a contract to reach citizens once they reach old age

Name Alejandro Alkalo The international football field is starting to sound strong. Mexican American player, National team triangular jewelry Following in his footsteps will be on everyone’s lips in the future. Its high quality allows it to be one of the few products Pre-contract With City of Manchester Of the Premier League.

ESPN Digital A little football player was able to inquire He has a hand in the agreement, citizens who have not reached the age of majority Take the spoken football player in California.

AlkalaHe was invited by Barcelona and he City of Manchester To train at the respective clubs. That’s where the player’s quality faded Scouts English, suggested that he should be hired in the future Alex To his high football level.

Born in California, but with Mexican parents, he has already played Mexico’s Children’s National Team. However, he was invited by the American Football Federation to participate in his native country, But to this day the decision to play for Mexico remains the same.

Alkala He promotes his game at Ronaldinho, his biggest man internationally. Seeing the Brazilian footballer tried to follow him, the young footballer’s passion is to follow the Brazilian’s achievements.

Currently a midfielder, a player who works efficiently, fast and with well-developed technique is a part of the basic forces. Los Angeles Galaxy, A team that has already led many young Mexican-American talents by the hand of its director Tennis de Close, Who served as an important observer in Mexico Basic powers He later became a director and was a member of the board of directors at the 2018 World Cup in Russia National teams.

The Dutch shared it Alkala He is one of the most advanced of his subordinates, not only because he plays well, Its spectacular view of it becomes a scene, It is now clear that he must undertake a football process that will not make him a promise in the future, but a reality.

for now Alkala He has expressed a desire to feel comfortable in the training he has done City, But on the recommendation of the club, it should continue to maintain its quality, and as it ages, if it can go to Europe and develop all its capabilities, it is obviously in the videos Web light This is very promising.

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