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The Aguilar dynasty was in the middle of a storm – due to an issue that created some controversy And after learning that many Latin American countries Had a relationship with the singer 15 years older than her.

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Relative AngelaAsked about it and set aside his particular opinion about that conceptual emotional bond, he talked about some aspects of his family, which he described as conservative.

That’s where he recognized the feeling of being a “black sheep” Aguilar dynasty Because she feels a little more generous in some things that can create some controversy for others.

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Majo and Angela Aguilar cousins ​​and both entertain the audience with their sweet voices (Photo: Instagram)

Majo Aguilar criticizes his family

In an interview with “Venga La Alegria”, the singer also spoke about the way her family members think and the importance she places on her father. Anthony Aguilar Jr.And his uncle, .

In his statements, he criticized those who traveled the world and were both very polite but very conservative, although he also made it clear that he respects the way every person thinks.

“My uncle and my father are both very polite-minded because they know a lot about the world and they also have this part of the tradition. It’s weird that they could be open to some things, not to others.The artist pointed out.

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Why is Majo Aguilar considered the “black sheep” of his family?

In his statements, the young artist acknowledged that he was more open-minded than other members of his family, and sheep“In everything.

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Also, she had the opportunity to identify that she wanted to show off her body through bikini photo releases, although her mother did not like it.

“I’m going to blame my mom. She asked me ‘Is your bikini picture again?’ I answer yes because I want to show my body that there is nothing wrong with that.He added.

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Majo Aguilar on Instagram

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