Lyon fans called Callos de Guerrero players ‘killers’.

Then MX League Anger was reported to have erupted inside the stadium The lion La Fierra and The White cocksThe cause of the clash between the two teams’ fans has now been revealed, as according to the Milinio newspaper, the lawsuit was filed by fans of the Emerald team.

“Lyon’s fans are shouting at players coming from Guerrero as ‘killers,'” the source quoted as saying.

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According to the report, emerald fans began shouting at the players of Gallos Blancos del Guerrero as “murderers”, referring to the violent incidents that took place a few weeks ago at the La Correidora Stadium between Quertaro fans and the Reds. Black fans of Atlas.

The game against Gallos Blancos marked the return of Club Lyon fans to their home ground, as they were unable to make the 10th day of the match against the Tigres de la UANL or the first leg of the Concachamps’ quarter-final match against the Seattle Saunders. This is a step towards getting their animation teams certified.

According to the cited source, the shouts against the Quertaro footballers were made by a bar called ‘Los de Arripa’.

The cry was heard by the Queretaro players, who complained to the match referee that he had decided to give advice to Kevin Escamilla de los Colos because he considered the player to have provoked the Lyonis fans.

However, in some scenes of the transmission, the football player directed only one signal to denounce the cries of the fans, indicating that the emerald fan’s cries ‘no’ with his finger.

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