Lula da Silva stressed to Maduro the importance of wider international monitoring of the presidential election in Venezuela.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva speaks with his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro (REUTERS/FILE) on Wednesday.

President of Brazil Luis Inacio Lula da SilvaSpeaking with the Venezuelan dictator this Wednesday, Nicolás MaduroHe reiterated his support for the Barbados Accords The “Importance” of Broader International Monitoring In the elections to be held in that country on that day July 28.

The The Brazilian presidency reported the conversation in an official statement, In it, Lula also “expressed his expectation that the sanctions in force against Venezuela could be lifted so that the electoral process can move forward in an environment of trust and understanding.”

He also emphasized Brazil's support for the Barbados Accords, which laid the groundwork last year. Open and free elections, however They have been violated by the Maduro regime, which wants to run for re-election in the next elections.

Brazil's High Electoral Tribunal (TSE) announced this week that despite Lula's insistence on the need for broad participation by international observers in the July elections, Will not send any missions to Venezuela.

The Election Commission did not explain the reasons for this decision or clarify whether BRICS will participate in the forum's possible work. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South AfricaIt is called by Venezuela like TSE.

A telephone conversation between Brazil's Presidency Lula and Maduro (AP/FILE)

last week, Colombia also announced it would not send any missions. Well, as the Chancellor explained, Luis Gilberto MurilloThere will not be “time” to “build” it with the technical characteristics required by the Venezuelan authorities.

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Likewise, Venezuela withdrew its invitation to the National Electoral Council last week European union After the bloc approves sanctions against the (EU) regime and members of the ruling party, observers should be sent.

Presidents of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Colombia, Gustavo Pedro, Both from the progressive arc have expressed “concern” about restrictions on registration of opposition candidates for those elections.

In both cases they received a harsh response from the Venezuelan regime, although the matter appeared to have been resolved by the former diplomat's registration of presidential candidacy. Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia, He is a standard bearer of the main opposition coalition.

Presidential elections in Venezuela still lack international monitoring, which guarantees the transparency of the process (EFE/ARCHIVE)

The opposition, for its part, has promised three keys to opposition victory in the presidential election this Tuesday, among which high citizen participation stands out.

“To restore the institutionality we need to win elections (…) we will do it through three keys: one High participation, international support and high organization in every polling station And at every table,” the candidate pointed out Democratic United Platform (PUD) in an action Independent Electoral Political Organization Committee (Copei), a formation that confirmed its support.

He pointed out KobeA social-Christian party, it has been going through the legal process since 2015. Supreme Court (TSJ), therefore – he said – it is important to explain to voters how to vote in the presidential election.

During the conversation this Wednesday, Lula also informed Maduro of the interest of Brazilian businessmen Reinvest and resume trade with Venezuela It was also requested to strengthen cooperation to improve the security of the Yanomami tribal people along the common border.

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(with information from EFE)

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