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If you’re a fan of ‘Sol de México’, it’s good to know the details. He Luis Miguel Tour 2023 It’s a fact! We learned many details about the 52-year-old singer’s life Luis Miguel: The series promises to break even upon its return and will host a series of concerts in the Aztec nation and Latin America.

Before his birthday, through social networks, the translator of ‘Husta Que Me Forgetas’, through a publication on his Instagram account, shared the video of the start of the world tour: “Luis Miguel 2023″, with the screams of the people, simulating a live audience.

After this announcement, followers of “Sol de México” began to speculate when the singer would return, and after several months, they could finally say “Luis Miguel is back” and he would do it in the best possible way. Presentations in Mexican countries.

Get to know Luis Miguel’s dates in Mexico

  • Monterey: November 15
  • Mexico City: November 21
  • Mexico City: November 22
  • Mexico City: November 24
  • Queretaro: November 30
  • Aguscalientes: December 2
  • San Luis Potosí: December 4
  • Lyon: December 6
  • Puebla: December 8
  • Oaxaca: December 10
  • Veracruz: December 12
  • Morelia: December 15
  • Guadalajara: December 17

How to Buy Tickets for Luis Miguel Tour

Due to a recent announcement by Luis Miguel on his Instagram account, it is not yet known when tickets will go on sale for the singer’s different concerts in different countries. However, Ticketmaster is expected to be the website responsible for selling tickets for performances by “Soul” in Mexico.

When is Luis Miguel’s new album coming out?

Universal music icon Luis Miguel is set to return to the stage in the coming months. According to a report from ‘Soul de Mexico’s’ childhood friend Jorge ‘El Pro’ Van Ronk, the singer has finished recording a new album and intends to present it on his next 200-show tour.

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Like Van Rankin, another friend of Luis Miguel’s youth, the Mexican singer promises to stand out in the pop genre with a completely renewed, new music, and an unreleased studio album. Along the same lines, ‘El Pro’, the translator of ‘La Unconditional’, has admitted that he will return with a “spectacular big album”.

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