Luis Miguel revived: 5 photos showing the transformation of “El Sol”.

The sun of Mexico He seems to be back with motivation, vigor and a new image that puts an end to speculation about his health and what lies ahead for his career.

We refer to Luis MiguelA few days ago a young influencer caught on NysaHe posted in one of his stories that day InstagramA photograph in which she appears together with two of her friends and a fresher Luis Miguel, Dressed in dark clothes, his characteristic tan, abundant hair and a smile we’ve rarely seen for a while.

The latest photo of Luis Miguel with his current partner. Photo: Instagram)

And it is remembered that we call The sun of Mexico A few years ago he had a very troubled moment in which he looked old, tired, with a tired face and full of financial and emotional problems, a dark time that we can see in the last season of his biography. The series aired by Netflix.

Another postcard of Luis Miguel with his partner (Photo: Featured)

In that series, Luis Miguel He appeared chubby, with gray hair and in many of his presentations it was clear that he was not good looking, even his voice was not the same, of course, his fans gradually stopped supporting him, until he returned to the stage and gave his best performances again in a world tour that made him very popular. Made it one of the best Mexico and Latin America.

A picture of one of his presentations before the Covid-19 pandemic (Photo: Instagram)

Those emotional and lifestyle changes seem to have brought about “I don’t know about you” Now he looks like someone else, with great posture, fun, even with women who easily triple their age without any problems, but continue to see him as an attractive man, so they take photos thanks to the singer’s company.

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As for his music career, it is speculated that the Mexican will soon surprise us with an unreleased album by the hand of his previous producer. Kiko Cipriani With songs by composers like Reilly Barba, Carlos Macias and Jose Luis Duet River Romeplus interest Christian Nodal To record a duet or collaboration Luis Miguel, Undoubtedly regional music will be a great opportunity for the singer-songwriter to position himself above his competitors.

The worst picture of the singer (Photo: EXCLUSIVE)

When it comes to fulfillment or rejection, Luis Miguel is having a good time in Miami, Florida, USA, and indulging in little treats like his recent purchase of a luxury car (a Rolls Royce). He was proud when he was caught by another user on Instagram who took a photo of the moment.

A photo of El Sol before the big makeover it showed a few days ago (Photo: Featured)

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Luis Miguel: 5 photos that show the transformation of the famous singer

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