Luis Garcia hits out at Mexico’s celebrations after the Gold Cup

The Mexican teamFour years later, again A Gold Cup title The previous Sunday after being defeated Panama For a small difference with a goal Santiago Gimenezhowever, Luis García accused the festivities of mixing them with nationalist themesFor this he called it “simple, clumsy and cheap”.

This was said by Luis Garcia after Mexico’s title

It is worth noting that this all came about as a result of the video released by the Mexican national team about winning the gold cup, which is why until “Dr.” He compared it with other jewels of the seventh artAs well as his comment about a tricolor game a few years ago.

“The video is a work of art in its form, powerful, captivating, inspiring, it doesn’t tell lies, it’s very well edited. High Commissioner ‘La Bamba’ is a television personality, a media genius. At one point in the video I thought I was watching 300!!!! This is Sparta, but no, the national team won the Gold Cup without facing the best USA or the best Canada. Like I said without thinking about Raul Jimenez’s goal against Panama at the Azteca Stadium, don’t suck it up, don’t suck it up!!!”.

However, while he appreciates that a win is a win and should always be celebrated, there are ways to do that and not stick to nationalistic issues.

“Any victory should be celebrated, the marbles should be celebrated, the toss should be celebrated; Now, it is simple, clumsy and cheap to embrace nationalistic themes and expand on success.

When does Mexico play?

The Mexican national team announced on Tuesday four friendlies for the end of the year, three of which will be played in and against the United States Australia, Uzbekistan, Ghana and Germany. The first two are in September and the last two are in October.

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