Lucero succeeds by posing for Instagram naturally: Photo

Singer Lucero One of the options of art media is, Well, we know her from a young age, thanks to the project “Chicilladas”, where she became famous for her charm and talent, which has kept him in the public eye for generations.

It is not for nothing that he earned the nickname “America’s Bride”, She has a natural beauty that not everyone has, and she knows how to use that gift, so she allows herself to be seen as God brought her into the world through social networks.

Lucero conquered nature

The singer has shown her Face without a trace of makeup, You are allowed to see natural wrinkles at her age because at the age of 52 she is already starting to have expression lines, but she is not hiding them.

Without being one of those celebrities who is obsessed with his physical appearance, he knows how to play with years. Take advantage of its beauty.

He was allowed to see this in the latest photos he shared on his Instagram account She shows her face without a drop of make-up.

Well, as the saying goes, beauty is beautiful, and Lucero fits right in with it; Although you can already see some expressions or wrinkles around the eyes in the photos, it maintains its funny look.

Photo taken a few days ago. Photo: Instagram

Lucero enjoys the honey of love

They say love cannot be hidden, these photos coincide with their holidays Boyfriend, businessman Michael Curi.

The singer is happy and very in love with the nephew Carlos Slim, It is known that this couple chose to stay on a dating plan because it is best for both of them.

Through Instagram they were able to know some details of their holidays where they were seen lovingly and happily in pleasant gatherings with friends.

Although fans of Lucero and Mizarre want to see them as a couple, they have made it clear that each will continue their lives individually and have a better friendship for their children. Lucerito and Manuel.

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