Lucero returns to soap operas

Each time is a television broadcast Lucero Telling the famous story of Los Estrellas co-starring Fernando Colunga in 2005 at 2:30 pm tomorrow seems to be no exception.Alborada ‘.

He will talk about this in his ‘More to Say’ section on his YouTube channel tomorrow, and we present this to you as always. Exclusive A Progress.

“I was a great character Hippolyta, my girl at the time Lucerito Mijares was just born, and at the time I was discussing it with my husband, Supported me, I said yes to Carla Estrada. I was overwhelmed by the problem of baby and breastfeeding. It’s a very complex novel and it’s the hardest time of my life to create a story in that situation. ” Indian.

He added, “Because of that time, it was a tiring soap opera, an entire city built on set design. Every day I have to go there and leave my daughter at home and take good care of her, my Son Jose Manuel in kindergarten.

He further commented, “It’s a luxury actor, an incredible story. I was nominated for an American Emmy for that role. They gave me an award. It’s a wonderful gift. Big party in New York.

Full video on his YouTube channel tomorrow.

Lucero's Telenovela Alborada will be republished

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