Lucena enables the reservation of nominative space for the parking of vehicles for people with disabilities

The Lucena City Council will allow drivers with reduced mobility to reserve parking spaces on a personal basis, upon payment, where appropriate, of the corresponding levy and for a period of no more than two years, according to the modification introduced to the Municipal Ordinance of Traffic approved unanimously in the last plenary session.

People interested in accessing these reserved parking spaces in the place closest to their home, work center or studies, where possible, must meet the requirements of being the owner of the vehicle to which the nominative parking reservation is granted, have Driving Permit in force and have a Vehicle Parking Card for people with reduced mobility in Andalusia, have a recognized degree of disability equal to or greater than 60%.

It will also be necessary to present a document proving the circumstance that led to the reservation of space in a specific place and to verify that you do not have any other parking space near your home, workplace, or rental. or studies.

The new text added to the municipal ordinance details that during the processing of the nominative parking space reservation procedure, those reports that are considered essential due to technical or timing considerations will be incorporated into the file and an opinion will be obtained, when necessary. issued by the Commission for Accessibility and Elimination of Architectural, Urban, Transport and Communication Barriers of Lucena (CAEBAUTCL).

The City Council recalls that the use of these reservations will be exclusive to the vehicle for which it was granted, and their use by another type or class of vehicle is prohibited, even if they are owned by the owner of the reservation, unless the license authorizes more of a vehicle, in which case the license plates of all of them must be indicated on the reservation sign.

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