Lubilio Rivera attacked Juan: “He has no mother *”

Lupilo vowed to support his nephews and condemn Juan’s behavior (Photos: Instagram @ lupilloriveraofficial / juanriveramusic)

The Riviera family has been talking ever since Sequis Revealed the assumption Theft of 80 thousand US dollars Was in one of the companies Jenny Rivera By someone close Rosie. Now Lupilo He lashes out at his brothers, mainly from Juan For asking USD 300 thousand To his nephews for working within companies Band Diva.

Janani first Sequis Said Rivera Someone stole money Jenny Rivera Fashion, The relatives involved in his accusation defended themselves with different arguments, and there were those who supported him, such as the case Corrido’s bull.

In the interview for Fat and lean, The singer left to reassure his nephews Jenny’s support for the children and went inside Against Juan, With whom He has starred in The Times and Tyriths Conflict From May 2021.

The singer said he did not accept his actions To his brother Ask his nephews for money How did you come up with it Sequis, Because he received a monthly salary for what he did within the companies Band Diva. He insisted that Juan was an employee Jenny Rivera Enterprises, I should not ask for more money His salary is fixed.

Juan Rivera has already defended himself against his daughter - in - law's allegations and promised to expose documents showing his work (Photo: Instagram / @ juanriveramusic)
Juan Rivera has already defended himself against his daughter – in – law’s allegations and promised to expose documents showing his work (Photo: Instagram / @ juanriveramusic)

“Now they want to ask their nephews for money, that is He has no mother *, True. I mean, of course, it doesn’t. When you are an employee in any company, You are simply an employee. If Juan has good ideas, you should appreciate his ideas, but it just goes on, ”he exploded.

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He pointed out If you think you have been robbed Janney cited the attitude taken by Rosie and Juan when it became public knowledge that Jenny’s companies were being censored because the requested reports were not provided.

“When you’ve done a job and there is nothing to hide, you do not have to wait to show all the papers immediately, ‘Let’s do this’ and ‘Let’s talk about it’. Nerd. But still If I get angry it means problem, And it should not be. Clarify long friendship accounts, It’s easy “

Rosie avoided responding to Sequis' accusations and only promised that it was Satan's plan (Photo: Instagram / @rosierivera)
Rosie avoided responding to Sequis’ accusations and only promised that it was Satan’s plan (Photo: Instagram / @rosierivera)

However, he promises that this theft would not have been the only one. Lubillo argues that if the minimum amount had been successfully stolen by someone who had access to all the money, large-scale thefts, as he said, could have taken place: “As I said, Sequis Directly: ‘Of the 80 thousand you know. If you have $ 10 million, you’re not going to steal just $ 80; If you are going to steal, you will steal well‘”.

The Corrido’s bull Includes He went against his mother And those who abuse children Great lady, Because he thinks he has won ambition in his family.

“I say that There is a lot of ambition Now it’s around Jenny Rivera’s tree because it’s a tree that continues to bear fruit, ”he said. He added, “My boss (Rosa Chavetra) He will protect his children, That’s where I say we can go wrong. The right actions should tell you ‘If you did this, if you did that, we should sit down’. No pages here, Faces will always be in front here, ”he concluded.

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