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The end of the second season “”(” Sensal Kabami “in its original language was planned for August 2021, but thanks to audience support, Fox Turkey expanded the number of episodes of Telenovela starring Hyundai Ersel and Kerem Parsin to continue the play until the end of September.

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The number of episodes in this series has been doubled. First, the second season of the love story of Eda Yaldas and Sergan Pollat ​​consists of 11 episodes, with a total of 50 episodes. However, a few weeks later, “Before he changed his mind again he announced that the installment would end with episode 13 airing in Turkey on September 8th. According to Digila and IMDP, the season will finally have 15 episodes.

Eda and Zerhan’s love story ends with 54 episodes and two seasons (Photo: MF Yap)

When will “Love Air 2” end in Turkey?

Chapter 15 of the second season “You knock on my doorIt will air next Wednesday, September 22 at 8:00 pm .

The final episode can also be watched through its channel Web light Done .

Second Season Records “Ended in August 2021, so melodrama is unlikely to extend beyond a total of 54 episodes.

The good reception and chemistry between the protagonists was able to add some chapters to the fiction, which benefits the chain, which will be busy in the grip until the new premieres arrive at the end of September.

Of course, , Responsible for broadcasting Turkish Telenovola in Spain, benefiting from two additional episodes, the series reached 5.2% and 470,000 viewers in the last week of August.

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What happened in “Love on Air 2” Episode 11?

After learning that Eda is pregnant, Zercon, unable to be happy, tries to make his girlfriend feel as good as possible, culminating in something that makes her feel uncomfortable, and he sends messages to the art life workers who are unaware that Eda does not want to comment on it for now.

Happiness Charges Sergan

In the previews of the next chapter, we see that Bolad is very happy after knowing the status of his partner. “I want to tear my heart out and give it to you. You’re truly incredible. I love you!” I was wrong, right? You’re pregnant, I shouldn’t have woken up, ”she says.

Zerhan discovered that Eda was pregnant, and now, his girlfriend and her future baby are the main thing day by day.  Architect takes care of everything (Photo: MF Yapım)
Zerhan discovered that Eda was pregnant, and now, his girlfriend and her future baby are the main thing day by day. Architect takes care of everything (Photo: MF Yapım)

Sergan X-ray in care

And, according to him, taking Yildis with this whole platform moved him to the point of laying down rules that many do not understand, one of whom even removed the coffee maker from the company. When asked if many people like to drink coffee, he replied: “Nobody drinks coffee because Eda doesn’t drink coffee”, which caused a lot of questions and annoyance.

Even this situation starts to bother Eda inside the company as soon as she wakes up, and immediately Zergan asks her where she is going, she tells him to go to the bathroom, and why does her husband ask her? Little Cross realizes what is going on and is able to say, “My father is crazy about my mom.”

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