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Second season “”This is not comparable to the first installment of the explosion, however, it was able to attract public attention by showing the evolution of the singer professionally and personally. Thus we saw the father side of the sun in Mexico by living more with his daughter Michael Salas.

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Although the most intimate details of the singer’s life are known in this second installment, it has generated many claims and complaints about the treatment of the characters. But the most outrageous was sexualization Michael Salas It really irritated the young woman, so she came forward and broke the silence in this situation.

But despite all that the second season of the Louis Miguel series has caused, the millionaire check that the singer has received for the new episodes released on Netflix is ​​even more surprising.

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How did Louis Michael get to Series 2?

No doubt He has greatly benefited from his biology, as the singer made more money in his first season, in addition to his music themes being heard again in Mexico.

Agree with the employer Carlos Bremer, Who worked as the project’s executive producer and who is Mickey ‘s best friend, the singer took in five million dollars for the first season.

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Although there are no official figures yet on how the Mexican Sun won the second season, the singer has pocketed up to $ 10 or $ 15 million, doubling his earnings due to speculation that the series was created and increased demand for ingesting streaming content.

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When was the third season of Louis Miguel launched?

The end of the second season opens up the possibility of a sequel to the successful Netflix series, but no one, production or cast has yet come forward to confirm that it will not happen.

However, in various ways, information has been leaked that it has already been filmed and is ready for the site to publish it. The event is expected to take place next October.

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