Los Van Van Bassist dies of heart attack on stage

A performance by Cuban group Los Van Van in New York City this weekend ended in tragedy when a musician lost his life after collapsing on stage.

45 minutes into the show, the group’s bassist, Juan Carlos Formel, suffered from depression, so he decided to retire, however, he was unable to leave in time and collapsed in front of the public and some of his bandmates. had come to his aid.

The event was immediately halted and Formell was rushed to a nearby hospital, but unfortunately not much could be done for him, as the 59-year-old musician was confirmed to have died of a heart attack minutes later.

In their social networks, the group mourned the departure of Formalin, who was considered a great artist and a brother: “We inform you that our brother and fascist is dead. Everyone who knew them knows that. They were human beings, a professional and a musician. We are all devastated by this news” of Juan Carlos. Along with the photo they wrote.

Likewise, they announced that they would not cancel their planned US tour and promised to use these dates to pay tribute to her memory: “We inform our fans that the US tour continues, in every presentation, in every musical note, in every vanvanero choir we are Juan as Juanka wanted. Let’s pay tribute to Carlos,” they added.

Who is Juan Carlos Formell?

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At 59 and with an outstanding artistic career, the musician is the son of the group’s famous founder, Juan Formell. He was born in 1964 in Havana, Cuba. From a young age he wanted to be part of the music scene, so he decided to study at the Alejandro García Cardula and Amadeo Roldan Conservatories.

At the age of 30, the instrumentalist moved to New York, where he was able to stand out in the band thanks to his talent that accompanied various jazz figures.

Besides being a bassist, he also worked as a guitarist and composer. Also in 1999 he recorded his first album “Songs from a Little Blue House” for which he was nominated for a Grammy Award.

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