“Los de Familia” is the exclusive Dominican series Pandya platform

Santo Domingo, RD.

Pantaya, a streaming site for Spanish language films and series, and Caribbean Films, a Dominican-based production company, have announced their latest original series, Líos de Familia, which completes its first run in the Dominican Republic.

The series marks the first co-production of companies, bringing together some of the most talented actors and filmmakers in the country.

“Lyos de Familia” stars Chetti Garcia (Dirty Work) alongside comedians Raymond Poso (Q Lyon) and Miguel Cespedes (Q Lyon).

The series is directed by Dominican actor and director Frank Perozo (Kolov) and co-directed by filmmaker and TV producer Jose Enrique Pinter (Gulbables). He co-wrote the comic script with painter Juan Dejeda (Paraso Para 2).

The series will be screened in the first quarter of 2022 on the streaming platform Pontoia in the United States and Puerto Rico.

What it brings
“Líos de Familia” reveals the lives of the inhabitants of a beautiful, middle-class building in Santo Domingo, in which the audience finds strange characters trying to coexist with each other.

One of the residents is a disgraced politician Estepan (Miguel Cespedes) and his wife Christina (Marta Gonzalez) who somehow own two apartments in the 28th building.

God-fearing bank employee Jab (Raymond Poso) is raising his teenage son Joshua, who sighs for a hairdresser next door to his housemate Maritza (Chetty Garcia) and he lives with his teenage daughter Shanti (Rosemary Herand). ) And his rowdy mother Yaya (Ana Maria Arias).

Music producer Rodo (Irving Alberti) and his young student, rap singer Millonetta (Nino Freestyle) and “Los Chicas” (including Candy Flow) earn their living by subscribing to their webpages, where they broadcast their lives. From their apartment on the fourth floor. Can this group of characters eventually become a real family?

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“Pontoya has been very successful in attracting large and growing Caribbean audiences in the United States, especially the Caribbean films” Que León “,” Colao “,” No Es Lo Que Looks “and many more. According to the next logic of our relationship, Dominican and Puerto Rican audiences in the United States We are confident that it will be a huge success, creating a first-rate original series, ”said Paul Presberger, CEO of Pandya.

He added: “Collaborating with Caribbean Films’ Gregory Quinn and Jumao Cortero and the wonderful actors who will be a part of this series, the Kings of Dominican humor Raymond and Miguel is the first step.”

In “Leos de Familia” Irving Alberti (“Que Leon”), Kenny Crullon (“All Women Are Equal”), Marta Gonzalez (“Flow Call”), Ana Maria Arias (“Colao”), Anderson Comedy (“It’s Not”) Appears “), Candy Flow (” It Does Not Appear “), Rosemary Heron (” The Life of the Kings “), Ulta Cable (” The Life of the Kings “), Bree Frank (Flow Callie), Anelina Sanchez (” Los Lyons ”), Ramcellis de Jesus, Louis Brian Mesa (“ Malpasso ”), recording artist Nino Freestyle.

Jorge Babon “Molusco” (“Los Domiriquinos”) and spokesperson and TV personality Francisco Laczabell (winner of Univision Desperate America and Neustra Bellesa Latina 2015).

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